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Farm to Fork Farm Camp - September 11th to September 15th, 2017


Immerse your children in regenerative agriculture! For Ages 9 - 14


Join us for a week of activities & games answering the question "Where does my food come from?" where each day we focus on a different animal & vegetable, with emphasis on how it grows, how it is cared for, and how it comes to be food. Our goal is to equip kids with more informed food choices and a passion for cooking farm-to-table.


Details for all camps at Rockland's Farm

Drop-off is 10am and pickup is 3pm. Come fully hydrated, sunscreen-ed & bug-spray-ed. Wear active / summer appropriate clothing that can get dirty (T-shirt, shorts & tennis shoes). Bring a bag with a full water bottle, lunch, towel, and change of clothes.

We hope to instill a passion for kids to "become a farmer" whether it's through their food choices, growing a vegetable in the kitchen windowsill, or pursuing a vocation in agriculture.