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Spring Chick Rental

Pick Up: Saturday April 15th 11am - 4pm
Return: Saturday April 22nd 11am - 4pm
Our Chick Rental service is an opportunity for families, friends, school groups to take care of a pair adorable chicks for one week. 

$30 per rental consists of everything you need, including their little home, feed, feeding and watering dishes, and care instructions.

Come to our farm between 11am & 4pm to pick up your rental and return it the following Saturday between 11am & 4pm. 

Our Chick Rental offers a wonderful opportunity for children & adults to learn how precious new life is, the joyful responsibilities of caring for a baby animal, and an appreciation for where nourishing food comes from (our pasture raised chickens). 

We encourage you to decorate your box, write stories about your chicks, and spend time learning from them about this preciousness and excitement of life. For many, this experience is well cherished throughout the year and tell us stories well into autumn.

If you are thinking of buying chicks, consider that baby chicks grow into juvenile chickens (pullets) in just one week, doubling in size, chirping loudly and depositing smellier manure. We rather our chicks be rented than have little chickens abandoned at various farms. We as farmers have a responsibility and commitment to truly care for the well-being of animals and the land as they sustain us. 
This includes a pair of chicks, their home, bedding, feed, and a pair food & water dishes.
Pick up Saturday, April 15th between 11am & 4pm. Return them Saturday, April 22nd between 11am & 4pm.
We will upload an instructional video & testimonials shortly, so stay tuned.
Be sure to stick around on April 22nd for our first annual "Earth Day Youth Summit". Learn about what Rocklands Farm is doing for youth in our area, as well as hear from youth doing great things in your community. It's free and great for kids & adults alike. More information to come, so stay tuned!